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Europe’s Largest International Conference on Tribology and Lubrication

From 9 to 11 January the 21st International Colloquium Tribology will take place at Technische Akademie Esslingen in Ostfildern, Germany. Register to this great event and meet internationally recognized experts in the field of tribology and lubrication.

The programme reflects challenges that the industry has to face, due to technological change. Plenary lectures at the beginning of the conference focus on electric mobility and alternative fuels as well as sustainability and raw material supply in the production of lubricants.

200 lectures in 7 – 8 parallel sessions also cover traditional topics such as automobile and industrial engineering. The key issues of the 2018 conference are tribology and lubrication in electric cars, tribology of plastic materials, gas bearings and cold temperature tribology.

The talks and discussions of the 21st International Colloquium Tribology will cover the following issues:

  •  Fundamentals of tribology

  •  New engine oils and engine tribology

  •  Metalworking formulations

  •  Modern tribological test methods

  •  Bio lubricants, greases and additives in future

  •  Coatings and surfaces

  •  Polymers and classical materials

  •  Lubricants Industry and E-Mobility

………and many others

The colloquium is complemented by an exhibition and the traditional conference dinner on the second evening. Final highlight is an optional excursion to a Daimler plant near Stuttgart, scheduled for Friday, 12 January 2018.


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